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Billions are being pumped into bailing out the economy by governments around the world. The federal government calculates at 1.5 trillion euros, of which 300 billion will be attributable to the 2020 financial year alone. Who should pay this bill?

The flight into tangible assets has already begun. Despite record prices, real estate is more in demand than ever. Gold coins and bars were temporarily sold out on the free market. The fear of inflation already has the markets firmly under control.

How do investors protect their capital now?

Money is being printed. Real assets, on the other hand, are not reproducible and are therefore considered to be inflation-proof. Osmium plays a special role here, because it is the rarest and most valuable precious metal on our planet.

  • OSMIUM increased in value since 2018 67% 67%
  • Gold increased in value since 2018 56% 56%
  • Savings accounts loos in value since 2018 -16% -16%

Price development week 1 2018 – week 1 2021: Osmium price

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Special properties

It is the rarest and most valuable precious metal in the world. The entire annual delivery volume worldwide fits into a 10 liter bucket. It is therefore also the element with the highest density of values. Crystalline OSMIUM is therefore perfect for storing valuables.
The Osmium Preis speaks for itself themselves. Here you can find out why more and more people are buying osmium:

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In times of crisis, it is important for investors to make physical investments. Osmium is therefore usually bought by investors who also own gold. The sparkling precious metal lures with special opportunities because it is superior to diamonds. Since diamond can be synthetically produced cheaply, the glittering stones have lost their value. OSMIUM jewelry a bright future is therefore forecast.


Good for the portfolio

You should never put everything on one card. A balanced mix of different asset classes reduces the risk.

US economist H. Markowitz set up the theory of portfolio analysis and received the Nobel Prize in Economics for it. So pay attention to the correct spread and let us advise you on this.

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Only about 9 m³ of osmium are available worldwide. However, only
2 m³ of this can be reduced. There may be a jump in prices if the global OSMIUM sources are exhausted in 8-10 years. Over the year, the increase in value was
at 10.02 % (183.18 EUR)

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Osmium is extracted together with platinum ore. 10,000 tons of platinum only contain 30 grams of osmium.

The globally available amount of osmium can therefore be calculated from the global occurrence of platinum: only 2 m³ exist on our planet – a little more than the filling of a bathtub.


Increased value

Since 2015 crystalline osmium has been available. Average increase in value 2017 – 2021: 16% p.a.


OSMIUM is element 76 in the periodic table. It is the rarest and most valuable precious metal. In contrast to diamonds, osmium cannot be produced chemically.

Delivery rate in kg

Crystalline osmium is expensive. The annual production volume is currently only 120 kg of osmium per year. Worldwide!

For comparison: the global production volume of gold in 2019 was 3,463.7 tons.

Look & feel

What does osmium look like?

It glitters and sparkles. Osmium is simply fascinating. The flat plates are available in different shapes: square bars and round disks , as well as letters and shapes for jewelers and the jewelry industry .

Osmium bars and disks are bought as an investment. They also serve as the starting material for goldsmiths and jewelers who use them to produce osmium jewelry . Letters and shapes are available from EUR 120. You can buy osmium – like silver – with 19% sales tax.


Osmium artfully incorporated into a watch from the Swiss watch manufacturer HUBLOT.

Osmium jewelry

Osmium jewelry

Osmium Disk

Round, compact, valuable. The osmium disk as an investment and raw material for jewelers.

What does osmium look like

How secure is OSMIUM?


The Osmium Identification Code protects you

When you purchase osmium, you always receive an „ osmium identification code„. It’s like a vehicle registration document. Each piece of osmium can be clearly identified via the OIC. Changes to ownership and ownership are also covered by the OIC. In this way, donation, transfer and transfer are possible safely. You can also use the code to query the osmium price updated daily.


Osmium = element = unalterable

Crystalline OSMIUM has a purity of 99.9995%. It is therefore unfalsifiable. As the heaviest element, it is also safe from admixture because there is no element with a higher density. Manipulation with lighter substances as admixture would be noticed by a simple volume weight test. Osmium is therefore safe from counterfeiting.


Protection against theft

The crystalline structure of every osmium product does not only sparkles beautifully, it also serves as a security feature. The crystal structure is comparable to a fingerprint, but 10,000 times more accurate.

In the event of theft, the rightful owner can be determined beyond doubt via the central osmium database. Osmium is therefore unattractive for thieves.



Osmium is a real asset. The sales price achieved at the time of sale can therefore be higher or lower than the purchase price paid. We therefore recommend individual advice, e.g. from independent fee consultants.

Osmium is new. There are therefore no long-term empirical values. In this unknown, there is a chance and a risk at the same time.

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You don’t need a securities account to buy an OSMIUM. The precious metal is delivered directly to the buyer.

As a buyer you will receive a certificate from the Osmium Institute Germany as well as the Osmium Identification Code, which identifies you as the owner. If you would like to sell osmium, you have several options to choose from.

Investment box

30   countries
900 dealers
1     fascination

Data is stored electronically and used for the assignment by the Osmium Institut not passed on to the Osmium dealer.

30     countries
1000 dealers
1        fascination

% 22 It is not the price but the value of an investment that is decisive.% 22

Warren Buffett

% 22 You don't have to be rich, you have to be independent.% 22

Andre Kostolany

% 22Speculating is no longer a game; it is a measure to protect property.% 22

Andre Kostolany

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OSMIUM vs. Gold

OSMIUM is 1,500 times rarer than gold but only 35 times more expensive.

Experts therefore predict long-term increases in value for precious metals. The raw material is currently favorably valued because the precious metal is not yet traded on the stock exchange.

OSMIUM vs. diamonds

Jewelry and investments – diamonds served this purpose for centuries.

Diamond is pressed carbon. This cheap raw material can now be industrially processed into diamond, which has partly ruined the prices of the stones.

Osmium, on the other hand, is pure. It is an element and therefore not reproducible. Worldwide there are only 2 m 3 osmium.

OSMIUM vs. cash

Historically, all states were more or less frequently insolvent. currency reforms and inflation are still the easiest way to reduce the state’s debt.

Osmium is the rarest precious metal in the world and can therefore offer better protection against inflation.

Tax consideration

Like silver, OSMIUM is subject to sales tax in Germany. The price shown in the shop is therefore including the currently applicable sales tax. Please note: the tax framework varies in each country.

Osmium price

Here you will find the currently valid Osmium price for one gram of crystalline osmium. Osmium is not yet traded on the stock exchange. The price is therefore a spot price.

Tip: if you check the authenticity of your investment via the OIC, you will be informed on the OIC check page also shows the current value.

The OSMIUM Institutes

There are OSMIUM institutes in 30 countries around the world. Here you not only receive information in the national language, the institutes are also responsible for

1.) Authenticity check
2.) Weighing
3.) Documentation of the crystal structure
4.) Allocation of serial numbers
5.) Entry in the Osmium World Database
6.) Creation of a certificate of authenticity

Who is selling OSMIUM?

We do not sell osmium. The seller and contractual partner is the Osmium Institute Germany. From there you will be supplied directly. Shipping is free until June 30th, 2021.

You can also get the precious metal from 900 certified osmium dealers as well as processed into jewelry from your jeweler.

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