Osmium Identification Code

How safe is osmium? The most valuable of all precious metals is also the safest. This is made possible by the Osmium Identification Code.

You receive this security feature free of charge when you buy osmium from us.


Osmium artfully incorporated into a watch from the Swiss watch manufacturer HUBLOT.

Osmium disk

Round, compact, valuable. The osmium disc as a store of value and raw material for jewelers.

OIC Checker
Osmium Identification Code Checking Tool

The OIC Checker is available to you free of charge.

Retrieve certificate

After entering the OIC, the OIC Checker shows you the certificate. This way you always have your own Osmium certificate at hand.


Request details

Where does my osmium come from? What are its weight and dimensions? The Osmium Identification Code (OIC) provides the answers and also high resolution graphics of your Osmium product.

Daily value

The OIC check tool shows you the net value of your Osmium product on a daily basis. Helpful, then, if you want to determine the current price or sell your osmium.

Manage Property & Ownership

Basically, your osmium is anonymous. However, you have the option to register as an owner. In the event of theft, your osmium can be traced to you. The owner can also be recorded. This has the advantage for you that you can lend your osmium and still remain the owner.

As certified Osmium dealers we are glad to be of service to you. We advise you honestly and sincerely. You can reach us by phone, chat, email or via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.

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OIC lost

Don’t worry. In the event that your Owner Change Code (OCC) or Osmium Identification Code (OIC) has been lost, the Osmium Institute will be happy to assist you.


Osmium Identification Code lost:

You can find your Osmium Identification Code in the following locations:

  • OSMIUM casket (imprinted)
  • OSMIUM 3D Plexiglas (for bars / discs)
  • Billing
  • Delivery note

Please check if any of these four sources are accessible to you. If not, please contact your local osmium institute. In Germany this is:

Osmium Institute for the Marketing and Certification of Osmium GmbH
Höllriegelskreuther Weg 3
82065 Baierbrunn
Phone: 089 / 744 88 88


Owner Change Code lost:

The Owner Change Code can easily be sent to you by email.

  1. Enter and query OIC above
  2. then click on “new owner change code
  3. Your new OIC will reach you by email.



OSMIUM is still new territory for many people. It will therefore be examined particularly critically. For this reason, transparency and security are top priorities.

How does the certification take place?

When you purchase Osmium, you will receive your Osmium Identification Code (OIC) with your purchase. The OIC increases security in trading and re-selling, taking advantage of the unique crystalline surface.

  1. The Osmium Institute measures every single product.
  2. High resolution scans as well as data on the crystal structure are documented and stored in the osmium database.
  3. The Osmium Identification Code (OIC) is then assigned. It is the “key” and thus ensures the authenticity.
  4. The code will be printed on the shipping documents as well as on the osmium casket. For bars and discs, a transparent cuboid with 3D laser engraving is also produced.
  5. The OSMIUM is now certified and can be put into circulation.

The certification process is complex. Above all, it is unique. No other precious metal is able to guarantee such high standards of transparency and security. Thus, the most valuable precious metal in the world is also the safest.

Consulting & Service

Glad to be of service: