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Osmium artfully incorporated into a watch from the Swiss watch manufacturer HUBLOT.

Osmium disk

Round, compact, valuable. The osmium disc as a store of value and raw material for jewelers.

Opportunities & Risks

advantages and disadvantages

Where there’s light, there’s shadow. So let’s take an honest look at the precious metal OSMIUM. Here you will find the advantages and disadvantages of osmium.

New & unknown

When you buy gold, you are investing in the oldest currency known to man. Gold has fascinated people for thousands of years and even worldwide. The history of gold goes back almost 4,000 years. The rare element osmium, on the other hand, was first discovered about 100 years ago. Osmium has only been tradable in crystalline form since 2015. The young precious metal is therefore currently less well known than gold. However, investors see investment opportunities in this.

Dealer network under development

The sale of gold is possible through precious metal dealers. Gold buying and selling is available in virtually every city. The network of osmium dealers, on the other hand, is still being developed. Their number is growing rapidly. The Osmium Institute claims to have currently trained 700 osmium dealers. However, it will be several years before the network has a density comparable to that of gold. This is also due to the fact that anyone can call himself a “gold trader”, whereas for the trade of osmium a certification and examination have to be passed.
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OSMIUM is the element with the highest value density. It is therefore generally used to store value and to build up value over the long term. There is therefore a lack of long-term empirical data on liquidity. OSMIUM is delivered physically. This therefore also means that osmium is not suitable for speculation on short-term profits.

Daily spot price

Crystalline OSMIUM is currently not traded on the stock exchange. A stock exchange listing is being sought. This means that the spot price is determined only once a day. This is determined by the Osmium Institute and published in EUR / USD / CHF. The publication cycle is comparable to investment funds, which also only publish prices on a daily basis. Ծ´ŞÄ Osmium price

Insider tip

Currently osmium is indeed still an insider tip. The dealer network is being built up, the stock exchange listing is being sought, and the jewellery market is being developed. OSMIUM stands today where Palladium stood 10 years ago. Comparisons to the early days of Bitcoin are also often drawn. Crystalline osmium is therefore often considered an insider tip.

The better Bitcoin

Bitcoin is now considered an established currency. However, the difference is that digital currencies can be created. While more than a thousand digital currencies exist today, the number of precious metals is physically limited to 8 elements. The transfer of values with osmium is also easier and cheaper. Thus, osmium can be an extremely interesting alternative especially for Bitcoin owners. Ծ´ŞÄ Osmium Bitcoin Comparison

Best precious metal

In the periodic table of the elements there are
only eight
precious metals. Osmium is superior to all. It is the element with the highest density and therefore safe from counterfeiting. The possible applications of osmium range from medicine (heart valves) to lighting (Osram) to
– because osmium sparkles more strongly than diamond.

The global jewelry market is a billion-dollar business. In Germany alone, the turnover is 4.8 billion(source Statista). Unlike gold and silver, however, osmium is abrasion-resistant and does not tarnish. Both reasons that make it the first choice in the jewelry segment.

Rare & sought after

There are just 28 grams of osmium in 10,000 tons of platinum ore. The element is so rare that all the osmium recoverable in the world would fit in a bathtub. What is so precious and rare is ideally suited to store and preserve value away from currency crises.


Buyers receive a certificate with every osmium purchase. On the one hand this proves the authenticity, but on the other hand it enables completely new ways. The crystalline surface structure is used here as a fingerprint. The owner has the possibility to register his osmium in his own name. In the event of theft, the rightful owner can be traced worldwide via the OIC Checker. In addition, the owner can check the value of each of his osmium pieces online.

Osmium is an element and belongs to the group of precious metals, like gold or silver. All precious metals offer opportunities and risks. Precious metals have always fascinated people. Gold and silver are used as currency reserves by almost all countries in the world.

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Is osmium crisis-proof?

Precious metals do not yield current income. Therefore, they are bought mainly for protection against crises. Investors use gold and osmium investments to diversify and participate over the long term.

Osmium passed the first wave of the Corona crisis in April 2020 with flying colors. By the end of 2020, the price was even 10% higher than at the beginning of the Corona crisis.

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