OSMIUM price
1.828,52 EUR

as of:1. Dezember 2022


Osmium price comparison:
Performance: -1.07 %(-19.50 EUR)

Osmium price eve: 1.848,02 EUR


Osmium price 7 days:
Performance: -1.5 % (-27.43 EUR)

Osmium price 7 days before: 1.855,95 EUR


Osmium price 30 days:
Performance: -0.55 % (-9.98 EUR)

Osmium price 30 days before: 1.838,50 EUR


Osmium price 1 year:
Performance: 10.02 % (183.18 EUR)

Osmium price 1 year before: 1.645,34 EUR

All data without guarantee. All prices mentioned are generated from spot offers. Info at Osmium-Preis.com. The price at the time of sale may be higher or lower than the cost price. Total loss is possible. Trading in precious metals is subject to risks.


1. Dezember 2022: Der aktuelle Osmium Preis pro Gramm beträgt 1.828,52 EUR

Osmium Price 2022

Market assessment

The osmium price continued its record chase in the first half of 2021. This was not a matter of course. While gold was only up 7.4% for the year, osmium investors were pleased with 10.02 %.

The year 2021 got off to a turbulent start. The British have been literally knocked off their feet by Brexit – London’s trading hub lost more than 20% of its trading volume overnight. Technology stocks plummeted just as suddenly. This came as a particular surprise to market participants, as Google, Apple and Amazon were long considered safe havens. Bulls and bears engaged in a relentless battle, heralding the end of the 10-year stock market rally.

2021 – the year of tangible assets

This is why tangible assets are once again very popular with investors. Real estate prices are reaching astronomical levels. UBS is therefore already warning. Osmium, on the other hand, is still considered an insider tip. The demand for osmium bars could therefore again increase strongly in the first half of 2021. At times, individual osmium products were therefore sold out. However, the Osmium Institute was able to expand production capacity and thus overcome the supply bottlenecks.

The current osmium price today is at 1.828,52 EUR, showing strength with confidence.

Is osmium crisis-proof?

In times of crisis, the wheat is separated from the chaff. Corona was the acid test for the previously unknown precious metal. While the financial markets lost around 30% in value, the osmium price only fell by 5% in March 2020. The slump was short-lived. At EUR 1,280 per gram, the valuable element already marked its new high in May 2020. Today, the osmium price is 1.828,52 EUR thus proving: Osmium can handle crises.

Gold & Osmium

Gold is considered crisis-proof. We therefore recommend that you always ensure a balanced spread. Gold has the edge in resale while osmium shines with added opportunity and security. The gold market has recently been marked by unpredictable capers. Expiring gold contracts on the commodity futures exchange on the one hand and strikes at gold mines on the other led to turbulence. For investors, the usually sedate precious metal has had a wild ride.

Osmium, on the other hand, is not traded on the commodity futures exchanges. There is no speculative day trading and therefore a price trend with low volatility. What may seem boring to some, investors see as a lucrative opportunity. It is rare to find investments that combine security, predictability and opportunities in such a balanced way.

Where there are opportunities, there are also risks. For example, the sale of osmium is more difficult than the sale of gold. Some 700 osmium dealers are said to be solving the problem. The Osmium Institute has also announced a digital marketplace for buying and selling in the summer of 2021.

Where do we stand today?

Osmium is 1,500 times as rare as gold but only 30 times as expensive. Precious metal dealers and goldsmiths therefore took advantage of the situation and filled their depots.

In any case, the physical delivery of precious metals to the customer is a strong argument for buying. Finally, especially in times of crisis, physical possession is an advantage.

Only time will tell whether the strategy will work. Past performance has been promising but is never a guarantee for the future.


Long term trend

Kristaline’s Osmium has only been available at all since 2015. The history is therefore correspondingly short. However, if one takes rhodium as a basis, then certain parallels become apparent. Rhodium had a long sideways movement at the start of the market at 800 EUR. In 2017, the precious metal was moderately on the rise, only to explode in 2020. Rhodium investments could therefore even increase tenfold.

Experts predict a similar development for osmium. Corresponding articles can be found in Handelsblatt, NTV, Börse Online.


Osmium Marketplace 2021

2021 will definitely be an exciting year for the rare precious metal. A marketplace has been announced for the second half of the year. This is intended to facilitate direct sales – without dealers.


Osmium listing

In the medium term, the listing should provide a price boost. While the European market has already discovered the precious metal, it is still largely unknown in China and the USA. India, on the other hand, even holds foreign reserves in alternative precious metals. Thus, the listing marks the beginning of a new era.


Buying & Selling

Osmium dealers

Trading osmium works in a similar way to trading gold bars and coins. Certified Osmium dealers worldwide specialize in buying and selling crystalline Osmium. In addition, osmium can be sold through jewelers as well as through the aforementioned marketplace.

▶︎ Buy Osmium

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Osmium price

The osmium price is determined daily and reported in USD, CHF and EUR. Customers can check the value of their Osmium product online at any time. The osmium testing tool provides information on authenticity, origin and physical properties and provides daily updated information on the osmium price of the object. The test tool thus guarantees security and absolute transparency. Important: the published price is a spot price, which is calculated from factors such as the supply of raw osmium and many other factors. At the time of sale, therefore, a price may be obtained which is higher or lower.

We would like to report as neutrally as possible at this point. The market assessment therefore does not constitute a recommendation to buy or sell. Conceived as an information service, we present publicly accessible data in edited form. For the mediation we receive a tipster commission. This commission makes it possible to maintain this information service.



The Osmium price always refers to 1 gram of high purity crystalline Osmium. When reselling, the jewellery industry often acts as the buyer. Jewelers use osmium as an investment. However, they also use it as a raw material for osmium jewelry. Osmium jewellery has already won international awards.

Jewellers cut the required shapes from the raw material. Large formats such as osmium bars and osmium disk therefore fetch higher prices than diamonds, stars or special shapes.

However, ingots and discs shine with further advantages: the large surfaces are more effective in production because there is less waste. In other words, you get more osmium for your money with bars and discs.

Tip: if you decide to buy Diamonds later, you can exchange bars and discs for smaller forms free of charge.

▶︎ Information about Osmium ingots

▶︎ Information on Osmium Disk


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Investment strategy

The Osmium Institute recommends a medium to long-term investment horizon. Investors can thus take the two milestones for the share price performance:


  1. The listing
  2. The day of the last promotion. The worldwide osmium deposits will be exhausted in about 8-10 years.



The selling price obtained for crystalline osmium at the time of sale may be higher or lower than the cost price.

The physical delivery of the precious metal requires safekeeping. Certification protects against theft.

Osmium price


Osmium in the endurance test

Market assessment on stability

We can proudly say we have weathered the first wave of the Corona crisis. Covid 19 is still the talk of the town but case numbers are stagnating at a low level. Public life is taking place again.

Osmium as a crisis currency

Is osmium suitable as a crisis currency? We don’t know. But it is safe to say that the rare precious metal has weathered the Corna crisis with flying colours. Looking at the Q1 / Q2 2020 performance, the osmium price has very quickly moved away from the uncertainties of the market. Confident of victory, the element aimed to surpass its old high of February 2020.

Gold has also benefited from the crisis. So strong, in fact, that the shiny precious metal was unavailable at times. But the trust that gold had to work hard to earn over 2,000 years has been won by osmium right off the bat.

The great unknown

Private investors often act cautiously. This is why palladium, iridium and osmium were initially viewed with scepticism. With palladium and iridium, this question no longer arises. Experts agree: commodity investments belong in every well-positioned portfolio. But commodities also entail risks. The once celebrated diamonds are now worth little. Gold has also gone through difficult times. Osmium is currently still a niche product and it is uncertain how long its growth will last. Especially when it comes to selling, there is a lack of experience, as most buyers buy the precious metal for the long term. Thus, only in a few years it will become clear whether the precious metal has been able to prove itself on the market.

How can I trade osmium? What performance can be expected in the long term? Forecasts are a dime a dozen. Today we know: Osmium has survived the first global crisis. After only 5 years on the market, Corona hit the financial markets with brute force. Osmium proved to be a safe haven in this respect. If this also succeeds for the future, brilliant times lie ahead for the sparkling element.

Sources: finanzwelt.de, boerse-am-sonntag.de

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