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What is osmium

Nobody knows it? But for how long?

The element OS was discovered almost 200 years ago. It is rare and costly to promote. No one was interested in osmium.

Among precious metal dealers osmium is an insider tip today. But what are the concrete reasons for the high demand?


The better gold

Gold is in demand because it is in short supply. The element cannot be produced artificially. Gold has therefore been used as a store of value for thousands of years. While all currencies went insolvent more or less often, gold has survived all crises. Also our German economic area has already 11 x the demonetization behind itself. A thoroughly realistic scenario, then.

Unlike gold, OSMIUM is 1,500 times as rare but only 25 times as expensive. Experts see enormous potential here.

Element with special properties

Osmium is the element with the highest value density. Why is this important? If you want to store 100,000 in silver in a safe, you already need a lot of space. 100,000 in gold can fit in a closet. In osmium, EUR 100,000 is equivalent to a disc fitting between the pages of a book. The rare element is therefore also very suitable for storing and transferring value.

Difference between crystalline osmium and pure osmium

Osmium is element 76 in the periodic table. It is extremely rare and cannot be artificially produced. It is always the element with the atomic number 76.

When we speak of osmium, we always mean crystalline osmium. This is a big difference, because in its raw form fresh from the mine it is a toxic powder and not to be used. Only through the process of crystallisation does it become a sparkling crystal.

The glittering osmium is processed by the jewellery industry. Only crystalline osmium is certified. Only crystalline osmium also receives the OIC. Therefore, when you buy osmium, be sure to purchase crystalline osmium.


Osmium security

Osmium is considered safe. Why?

Well, there are several arguments why osmium is safe.

  • Counterfeit-proof: Gold coins can be counterfeited by adding a core of cheap material of the same density to them. This is not possible with osmium because crystalline osmium loses its unique crystal structure when it melts.
  • Rarity: Gold is rare but no one knows how many tons of the element actually exist. For osmium, on the other hand, the abundance is phyically determined. There are 28 grams of osmium in 10,000 tons of platinum ore. The total amount of platinum is known, so the recoverable amount of osmium can be calculated with high accuracy.
  • Digital security: The surface of Osmium is unique. It’s 10,000 times more accurate than a fingerprint. As a purchaser of certified osmium, you will receive your Osmium Identification Code (OIC). Via this you are immediately verifiable as the rightful owner. Especially for buyers of osmium jewelry this is an important argument, because the OIC also protects against theft.



Osmium price development

Why is demand increasing?

The high demand for osmium is easily explained:

  • The physical properties of the element are impressive in many respects.
  • Rarity makes OS the perfect store of value because osmium is the rarest precious metal on the planet.
  • Uncertainty in the monetary and financial system is driving capital into the commodity sector. For those who prefer physical delivery, gold or osmium is the obvious choice due to its high value density.
  • The time of diamonds is over. Since these are produced cheaply in the laboratory, the prices are massively under pressure. The raw material for diamond (carbon) is available in almost unlimited quantities. Osmium, on the other hand, is the rarest precious metal – it is and remains exclusive. Forever.
  • Chance to get in early on the absolute latest big trend. Osmium is the last precious metal on our planet. Crystalline osmium has only been available since 2015. It therefore has yet to experience the great appreciation that palladium and iridium have experienced.
  • Triple security


Investment volume

In the long term, portfolios with a balanced risk-reward profile proved to be profitable and safe.

A risk strategy that is fit for the future therefore includes a mix of different asset classes that is as balanced as possible. Within each class, choosing different assets can reduce investment risk.

Osmium is often bought by investors who have already invested in gold. While gold can be sold more quickly, osmium offers the far better long-term opportunity profile and additional security.

Investment horizon

The investment horizon should be around 10 – 15 years.

You will receive the precious metal physically delivered, together with the certificate and other documents. The investment is therefore not suitable for short-term investment. Especially not, it is suitable for day trading, because the volatility is too low for this. Crystalline osmium is therefore best bought with a medium to long term investment horizon.

exploit opportunities

In its crystalline form, the rare element has only been available since 2015. The period under consideration is therefore correspondingly short.

The comparison with rhodium is often made because parallels are striking. At the start of the market rhodium was valued at 800 EUR and initially made a long sideways movement. Only in 2017 did the value of the precious metal rise moderately to climb to record levels in 2020. Who had invested in rhodium early,
could increase his investment tenfold.

The experts say for osmium similar perspective. This can certainly be seen as an opportunity. Currently, the price of crystalline osmium is still at the favourable level of rhodium 2017.


Osmium price

Your product is certified. Therefore, when you purchase, you will receive your OIC and can log in online to check the price for your specific product. This transparency and service is not available for any other precious metal.

The publication takes place daily on Osmium-Preis.com and is shown there in USD, CHF and EUR.


Risk assessment

As with all investments, the same applies here: Prices change. The price of crystalline osmium at the time of sale may therefore be higher or lower than your cost price. Osmium is therefore aimed at experienced investors.

We recommend that you never invest your entire fortune in osmium.

The precious metal is delivered physically. You decide whether you prefer storage at home or in a bank vault. There is a risk of theft if they are kept in your own home. Although this is significantly reduced by the Osmium Identification Code, it should nevertheless be mentioned in the context of the risk assessment.


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Investment strategy


If you’re already into gold, crystalline osmium should also appeal to you. It brings some advantages over gold to the table and is an excellent way to diversify commodity investments.

Use Day Zero

Many investors cite speculating on Day Zero as a reason to buy. This refers to the day on which the last gram of osmium was mined. Due to the extreme rarity, this day is expected to be reached in 8 – 10 years. As of this time, there is no new osmium. Only the material that has already been mined will then be available for the jewellery industry. Day Zero is therefore expected to trigger dramatic price rises.

Making the most of your stock market debut

Those who don’t want to wait quite that long will probably be rewarded sooner. Listing has already been applied for and will attract a great deal of international attention. The demand in the luxury segment is unbrokenly high – show also courses like LVMH clearly.

Crystalline osmium may have a much higher significance. Because while handbags and luxury clothing is “manufactured”, osmium is absolutely limited. This circumstance should play into the hands of osmium’s performance.


LVMH share price development, source: Onvista.de


Osmium value development

Osmium as a crisis currency

Is osmium suitable as a crisis currency? We don’t know. The smallest unit, Osmium Diamonds are likely to quickly reach 500 EUR, which is too much for at least a week’s shopping.

In any case, the rare precious metal has survived the corna crisis with flying colours. Looking at the Q1 / Q2 2020 performance, the osmium price has recovered very quickly from the market uncertainties. The element was able to reach its old high of February 2020 with determination.


Buy Osmium Germany

Hand in hand.

What is your assessment? Will the osmium price skyrocket or stagnate? We share the fascination for rare precious metals with you and look forward to a lively exchange.